On a journey…

I like moving. Travelling. Seeing. Observing.


And I like quiet.

At the same time…



My pictures are often depicting journeys. Most like the ones I want to embark on myself.

There’s a bigness to the spaces I’m drawn to. There’s vastness.

In this I seek to make myself irrelevant. A space where man in relation to nature get into perspective.

This is the quietness I like.

I don’t like to be quiet as in not moving but quiet in tone. Quiet which leaves room for the mind to wander.



So when asked to pack a Land Rover and depict the start of a journey and the road ahead I get excited….




Tradjenta_Day_2_Alabama_Sunset_G9A7472_Wip_3_rover greenMcCann_Tradjenta_Day_4_Tahoe_Sunrise_G9A8367_Wip_2__rover green

3 responses to “On a journey…”

  1. Kim Bajorek says:

    The photos completely express your words, Erik, which completely resonate with. I’m certain this is why I have been so drawn to your work. Bravo!!

  2. Oleg says:

    Great work Erik! Thank you for sharing.
    The images giving me a feeling of an adventure, movement forward to something new and kind of “asking” me to join the ride.
    Love it.

  3. Nate Hart says:

    I love the adventure being told threw those images, Makes me feel like I’m along for the rise. Great Work.

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