December 2013 | Erik Almas Photography

Shooting in my hometown of Trondheim Norway



I grew up in Trondheim, Norway.

19 years ago I left for the US to study photography and eventually ended up staying here creating a life and career.


My heart is still in Trondheim and when I got introduced to the local advertising agency HK with the possibility of working with them on some great creative I got really excited.

The brief was to create a winter wonderland out of the town square and the shopping center sitting at the end of it…

At the time I was in Namibia so with desert sand between my toes I started thinking about turning the square in my hometown into a fashion winter fairytale.

The challenge; It was fall and another month or so till snow would start falling.….

I do love this kind of challenge. It get’s my mind going on how to craft a beautiful visual without having the right elements to work with.

How do we make winter before there’s snow?

How do we turn buildings into Ice?

There’s a lot going on in this process and in it all I’m both a photographer and director. I take pictures and but also work with and direct icemakers, CGI artists and retouchers to all come together to craft one single photographic moment…


Check out the behind the scenes on how it all came together.




Big thanks to the AD agency HK, Thomas Juul, Art Direction, Chris Bodie on retouch, Hacjob on CGI, Leila Hafzi for supplying the dress and Another Production in London for putting it together in a really short period of time.