Two passions come together while on location with California Tourism

I have worked with advertising agency MeringCarson and their client California Tourism quite a few times over the past few years.

When they again approached me a few months back the concept and location was close to both my home and my heart….




When living in San Francisco it’s almost impossible to not take an interest in wine. It’s a city passionate about all things that stimulate the senses, and especially the digestible like food & wine.


With one of the worlds premier wine regions just a short drive across the Golden Gate Bridge one, by proximity, get exposed to the fickle art and science of making great wine.

My own curiosity for the fermented grape juice started shortly after I arrived to San Francisco, now 20 years ago.

Through serendipity this interest have matured into establishing my own wine project to be launched in just a few short months, at


So in this most recent project for California Tourism I got to indulge in two of my favorite things, pictures and wine, at the beautiful Chapellet Winery overlooking Napa Valley.




A big thanks to AD Rob Petrie, MeringCarson and California Tourism for giving me another amazing experience…

If you want to see how it all came together please check out the behind the scenes below.


One response to “Two passions come together while on location with California Tourism”

  1. Diego Carranza says:

    This is so excited to have stumbled across this video! I specifically remember this issue and being instantly impressed and mesmerized by the photo.

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