August 2013 | Erik Almas Photography

New Work for Toyota

Was working with Saatchi& Saatchi on this image for Toyota.
The idea was to honor our conservations, making them part of and steeped into the nature they care about.

We spent 4 days in Olympic National Park shooting background plates and then had a day south of San Francisco capturing the talent…

Connecting the dots between still and motion work

With a few weeks of downtime I’ve been working on connecting my still imagery to motion.
Both excited and intimidated but heading into it full force…

Here’s a couple of stills of what’s to come in motion.Screen Shot 2013-08-09 at 4.11.11 PM Screen Shot 2013-08-09 at 4.11.17 PM

The Making of Dassault Systemes with The Frameworks Agency

Check out how the images in the last post came together….



The Frameworks and Dassualt Systemes

When one is deep into a photo shoot with all its logistics, travel and creative endeavors one moves at what feels like a million miles an hour…

It’s afterwards, when one look at the images and what was accomplished, the realities of my job sink in. I’m so blessed being able to do what I do and work and hang out with creatives like Ray Brennan and art producers like Tanja Adams.

This assignment was just a treat in scope, creativity, travel, food and fun….


Mountain Peaks