July 2013 | Erik Almas Photography



I ‘m reviving this blog!


I set out to let this blog be my thoughts on photography, how I relate to it, see myself in it, and how I pursue  a better understanding of my photographic craft and vision…

I quickly realized that these thoughts, inspirations and self-revealing moments were better for my journal where half finished sentences and broken thoughts could live happily.

To reshape these scrambles and streams of consciousness into something that would make sense in public ended up taking too much of my time and in the end this blog just fell to the wayside.

So did my lofty endeavor of chronicling my own journey through the written word end right after it began…

Now, I do want to continue this blog but this time without the roadblock of writing… As a photographer I’m surely way better off doing this with pictures!


So here goes;

The revival of my journey as a photographer, now chronicled in images…