September 2013 | Erik Almas Photography

My grandma’s 80th birthday

My grandma turned 80 yesterday!
It was one amazing night with 94 guests for dinner.

Both of photographic curiosity and as a present to my grandma I wanted to do portraits of all the guests as they arrived.
Here’s a few of my favorites…





Soma Magazine

2 weeks ago we did an editorial for Soma Magazine as a part of an ongoing feature they call “I dress like”.
Happy to share¬†one of the images that didn’t make the cut…SOMA_MAG49803_Jim_Morrison_w2

A behind the scenes look at working with Saatchi LA and Toyota honoring Nature Conservationists

I got asked by Saatchi LA to work with them and Toyota on an image honoring Nature conservationists.

Looking for truly lush and green environments we travelled to Olympic National Park in Washington, spending 3 days capturing background plates. We then spent a day south of San Francisco photographing all our talent in a location offering parts of the same environments found in Seattle. This so that we could seamlessly blend our talent into the background.

Take a minute to see how all the parts came together…



New Personal Work