The Gravitational pull of Norway

Happenstance or am I feeling some gravitational pull towards Norway?




I’m not quite sure of the reasons, but I have the past year more frequently found myself taking on assignments in my home country…

Whichever the objective or purpose I have truly enjoyed working closer to where I grew up.

It is something about rediscovering, through photography, the very place that shaped who I am and very much shaped my esthetic.


In my second collaboration with advertising agency HK we were to create “spaces to dream within” for Norwegian bedding company Høie of Scandinavia.

So how do one create a sense of dreams and intimacy within Scandinavian nature in close ups of people?

HK_Hoie_Techscout_G9A8026_Final HK_Hoie_Bart_2_G9A0112_Final


For us it was textures. Having our models wander through tall grass, being enveloped in low laying fog. This we hoped would create intimacy in an airy and dreamy setting while still making sure the images came across Scandinavian in nature and feel.


As a Norwegian living in the US for 20 years, taking on an assignment with this sensibility is quite amazing.

To stand in the frost of the below freezing morning just a short 10 minutes by car from my family’s house and think about Scandinavian spaces to dream within felt close to home, not just in proximity, but visually and emotionally as well…









And here is the Behind the Scenes of how the images came together and our day working in the norwegian fall landscape:



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  1. What a beautiful country
    I could have enjoyed it that way

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