Using the desire for ice cream in my picture taking…

For every commercial assignment I take on I try to make the photographs captured personal. I try to find a viewpoint that is honest and relatable to me so that I can stand in the location as the sun comes up, or in the studio in front of the talent, and be emotional rather than practical as I press the shutter.

This way I connect to the purpose of the ad in a manner meaningful to my longings, desires and dreams and hopefully make the images captured convey a part of me that aligns with what the advertising agency want the images to say….

The idea behind these ads done for AndersonDDB out of Toronto was to tell the story of a longer path to recovery. A journey more than something immediate; about taking the long road…


We ALL want instant gratification so in this case it was easy for me to relate.

With all the distractions of our fleeting mind, doing the small things every day that will eventually lead to deep gratification in the long term is really hard. I struggle with this every day in the decisions I make. After passing 40, staying in shape has become an increasing effort. I often order French fries for dinner and ice cream for desert even though I know the saying: “Nothing tastes as good as being fit”. It’s that instant gratification getting to me…

I also want to deepen my craft of photography but I still make lousy decisions when it comes to managing my time, spending it on social media or watching a movie I have already seen, rather than editing images or shooting new ones.

I am aware of my mind seeking immediate gratification and I try my best every day to steer it in the right direction.

So the indecision of those moments of the immediate versus the best long term was something I could relate to and really cared about when shooting this assignment…

To stand at the crossroads of that every day decision where the immediate gratification is pulling at you, but then committing to taking the journey of the long road was what these images were about.

Both for me and for my client…



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And Please check out the Behind the scenes if you want to see how this came together.



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