Tale of the Peach Blossom – Trondheim, Norway

In November last year I shot an assignment for Trondheim Torg, a shopping center at the main square of my hometown. It was for their holiday marketing with the idea of turning the whole scene into a winter fairytale of snow and ice.
As this was my first commercial assignment that was shooting in Norway I went full force in recreating the square in snow and ice, even if it was late fall…

This March the agency, HK Reklame, called again to continue the idea of this first image of winter and do 3 new pictures following the seasons of spring, summer and fall…
This time they extended the idea to the open ended question “What if?”
What if the square was a bit different? Different as if a fairytale was taking place…

Just asking these questions makes visuals surface and I excitedly dived in again.
In addition to the home court advantage these images mixes a lot of the things I thrive on when crafting pictures.
I love a visual challenge, and being able to create rather than take pictures always intrigues me. Then setting the stage of the city square and the idea of “what if?” made for great visuals and almost a mythic storytelling quality to the images we wanted to create…
Telling stories and somehow connecting to them in a personal way has been my mission for years and I’m excited to share our second fairytale from Trondheim in it’s spring incarnation….


In the process of making the images I travelled to Trondheim to shoot the background plates and then off to London to do the studio work. Here’s a behind the scenes film showing the parts on how this came together.

A big thanks to HK Reklame, crew and cast and Chris Bodie on retouch for making this come together.
And till Summer I’ll leave you with the past image from Winter…


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  1. What a fabulous extension of the winter concept! I am the former art director for Nordstrom in Seattle, WA USA and I wish I had done this. Fantastic!

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