Connecting my visual language in both Still and Motion

Brand identity is not about showing off an image anymore. It’s about telling a story which consumers can relate to and identify with…

With the 5d being released every photographer got a film-making tool in their hands. This was, and still is, in many ways the perfect storytelling vehicle for us photographers helping brands go beyond the still image in their quest to tell their story.

It seemed so easy at first and I excitedly jumped in filming everything I saw…

Now, 4 years later, the craft and vision I have to my stills are getting translated into moving images and solid stories.


I have a great relationship with a winery in Sonoma called Repris. Having shot their still images we went on to translate these to moving images telling the story of wine from place to harvest to tank to barrel to the bottle enjoyed.

For me it was important that visuals of these moments translated perfectly between the two mediums, retaining my visual identity in both and leaving Repris Wines with a visual language translating across all formats.



As we collectively are becoming more and more visual I, as a photographer, have to continue to evolve. This both to have fun and learn new things but also to stay relevant in a fast changing visual market.

I’m excited to share the first OF many motion/still combinations that I am working on!

And here’s a Behind the Scene look on how it all came together:

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