Ram Trucks and the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue

The Sports Illustrated Swim suit Issue is the second largest marketing event in the US. Only the super bowl is bigger in terms of people seeing the content and the advertising exposure that comes with it…

From a marketing and photography standpoint this is a big thing and I’m proud to have shot the inside cover of this issue for the past 2 years.

In collaboration with The Richards Group we have created bodyscapes where a stunning girl in a swimsuit, landscape and truck has come together to one image.

The process of getting the pieces together and the places we went to do so made for an amazing assignment both on the creative level and for the experience…

In creating the background landscape we traveled to White Sands New Mexico. One stunning place that in the early morning light takes on an ethereal quality that just leaves you speechless. At 28 degrees Fahrenheit it was not the place for a model in swim wear so we headed out for warmer weather.

In addition to warmer temperatures we also needed a place to shoot a secondary set of images and a motion piece for the ipad edition that would speak to unique experiences…

We set our sights on Cuixamala. An extraordinary place 3 hours south of Puerta Vallarta, Mexico…


Here’s the images we captured and the Behind the scenes look at how it all came together.



In the magazine with the fold out cover there was a cool reveal making the ad look like this..




The Behind the Scenes!
If time check it out…


The final iPad edition imagery.


RG_RAM_Mexico_Amber_3_Beach_A2_1421_wip2_Final RG_RAM_Mexico_Amber_1_Plane0344_Wip4_Final RG_RAM_Mexico_Ashley_3_Horse_CF066360_Wip4_Final_v1 RG_RAM_Mexico_Amber_3_Beach_A2_2146_Wip3_Final_v2 RG_RAM_Mexico_Donna_2_66198_Wip2_Final RG_RAM_Mexico_Ashley_1376_Wip3_Final RG_RAM_Mexico_Donna_3_0094_Wip5_Final RG_RAM_Mexico_Donna_165614_Wip5_Final RG_RAM_Mexico_Scout_G9A2065_Wip5_final_V2

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