Don Julio Tequlia

The 2 things I strive to capture and improve upon in all of my work is the connection to the people I photograph and the stories being told within the image.

Earlier this year Colangelo came to me with a project for Don Julio Tequlia which was centered around the man who literally changed the way tequila was being crafted and turned tequila into the premium spirit it is today.

To come to a project with such history and heritage is a great privilege.

The concepts from the agency were equally strong, focusing on the pivotal moments in Don Julio’s life and career, and then asking the question back at the viewer: What would you do??

Here was a set of ideas and layouts including the 2 very things I find to be both the most fascinating and elusive part of photography. To tell amazing stories in an honest, yet contemporary way…

So with the inspiring story of Don Julio and a set of amazing layouts we spent 10 days in the Tequila region of Mexico trying to honor Don Julio’s story in a modern yet archetypal way we can all relate to.


I’m in gratitude to the creative team at Colangelo for trusting me with such an amazing project resulting in a set of images I’m truly proud of!






Courage Spread

Revelation Spread

Pitch Spread

2 responses to “Don Julio Tequlia”

  1. Jelle says:

    Great pictures, and I love the atmosphere.. Can you tell us more about how these images where lit.
    Did you use flash, combined with the available light? And what kind of light modifiers?
    Some insights in your lighting for these pictures would be really interesting…



  2. Erik, these are my favorite set of your pictures to date and that’s saying something! They’re just a brilliant realization of a wonderful concept with your inimitable style stamped on them. They convey such a magical feeling. Nice, nice work! The only thing I wish is that you shared some of your processing–I loved the one article or video (can’t recall) I saw on you that showed the massive amount of work you do to create these incredible images.

    Best, Cindy in Maine

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