Starting from scratch…

I’m truly excited about this journey I’m embarking on visually. I have set my course and I’m heading out!

I have truly gotten a new sense of enthusiasm about taking pictures and I feel like a kid again in everything I do with the camera.

My first step is with a clean slate. Me and my subject. I say hi, we engage in conversation.

I ask, I listen.

As before I observe but this time I also offer up my own story. Instead of an interview trying to extract some response from my subject I share myself as well. I take pictures when they talk but also when they listen. There’s moments of very comfortable silence. I shoot more.

I don’t push too far. I don’t give too much. I feel great about my first portrait encounter…

This is not a new direction for me but a step on the way to connect and to include. A great exercise and experience.

Being curious. Opening up.   Blending myself and subject.

I’ll do more of these and will take this first step with me….

7 responses to “Starting from scratch…”

  1. Darcy Rogers says:

    I really like the relaxed quality of these photos. It definitely seems like there is an ease between you and the subjects that is genuine.

  2. Sirfenn says:

    Love this exploration Erik. Feels raw, and fresh. Keep on makin the magic.

  3. Lill says:

    Ikke bare tar du fantastiske bilder, jeg liker også det du sier !

  4. Jake says:

    Hi Erik,
    I’m a long-time admirer of your work. Your new portfolio is truly more raw of course, in many ways. Did you use the same digital artist for all of your past campaigns…for the complex composites, manipulations, etc…or do you do all of the Photoshop work yourself?
    Thanks for inspiring,


  5. Silje says:

    Amazing photos…!!!! If you haven´t seen (guessing you have) Michael
    O´Brien´s Hard Ground, you should. Really interesting, beautiful and real portraits.

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