I have not forgotten about my intentions.

I think about them every day. How to get closer to my subjects. How to get more of myself and others into my images. How to connect.

How to make my images better.


I’m grateful for being hired to do what I do and have been busier than I ever have this fall.

In all assignments I ponder how to make them more personal. To find a viewpoint that is honest to me and how to make them better than the ones I have taken in the past.


To mature as an image maker is a long endeavor and in some ways I know it will take me a lifetime…

I do feel though I have taken the first few steps in both making my images more story telling and in being more curious about the people I photograph. This makes me excited!

Excited about moving forward and about making new pictures….


2 responses to “THE PAST 4 MONTHS”

  1. Erik, I just discovered your beautiful work by accident while looking for stunning examples of lifestyle photography this morning! I love your vision and processing and your drive to find your true voice as a photographer. I have really enjoyed looking through your website and blog posts. I have searched a bit through the two articles I found online about you and your processing style and can’t find any more than that. I was wondering if there are other articles or blog posts that I have been unable to find that discuss how you achieve your beautiful, ethereal processing in so many of your lifestyle and landscape photos? Could you point us as your readers in the right direction if so? And if not, I hope you’ll consider making a blog post on the subject at some point. I noticed in one of your blog posts that you had uploaded a photo that kind of visually detailed all the steps you go through in compositing–very cool! I’ve love to read or hear what you do as well though–hope you’ll consider it. Best wishes for many more years of success and happiness, Cindy Farr-Weinfeld

  2. Parris Chargois says:

    Erik- I’ve never seen your work before until now. I checked out a few archive shots as well as your Nepal series.
    Your images are a treat to look at! A frozen image in time yet some include a signature of emotion, passion, a feeling that opens the experience of looking to an invitation of interpretation.
    Or, in short, you are a damn good art photographer!

    I’m curious about what type of camera and photo enhancements you use, but then, that is likely a trade secret.
    fondly, Parris Chargois

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